Since late 2018 Joel has had the great pleasure in playing regularly for the award winning guitarist Nigel Price and his renowned trio up an down the country featuring the incredible Ross Stanley on Hammond Organ.

Nigel Price: Guitar
Ross Stanley: Organ
Joel Barford: Drums


G R E G  C O U L S O N

Joel is the resident drummer for the international blues phenomenon Greg Coulson

Greg Coulson: Vocal/Keys/Guitar

Stuart Dixon: Guitar

John Thompson: Bass

Joel Barford: Drums

T O M   S E A L S

Joel has the great pleasure for playing for the international, up-and-coming, boogie woogie playing, soul singing star that is Tom Seals and his great band.

Tom Seals: Vocal/Piano

Bjorn Woodhall: Guitar

Nick Bayes: Bass

Harry Greene: Tenor Sax

Jack Tinker: Trumpet

Joel Barford: Drums

Barford/Hitchcock/Ollendorff/Leak 4tet

This newly formed organ band was formed by drummer Joel Barford in late 2018 Inspired by Jesse Van Ruller/Mark McKnight/Seamus Blake/Bill Stewart. Taking on a more modern approach mixed with originals from the band members and standards.

Alex Hitchcock: Tenor sax
Tom Ollendorff: Guitar
Sam Leak: Organ
Joel Barford: Drums

Lucy Merrilyn

Joel has the honour in playing for brilliant London jazz singer

Lucy Merrilyn. She plays jazz clubs all over London and has her own EP out 'Sometimes I'm Happy' which features Joel on drums.

Lucy Merrilyn: Vocals

Dave O'Higgins: Saxophone

Tom S Gray: Piano

Dave Swift: Bass
Joel Barford: Drums

Lucy Merrilyn.jpg


Joel deps regularly for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.


A newly formed quintet formed with some of the UK's finest young jazz musicians on the scene in London led by Harry Greene.

Harry Greene: Sax

Luke Vice-Coles: Trumpet

Matt Carter: Piano

Seth Tackaberry: Bass

Joel Barford: Drums


In 2019, Joel was asked to play for a 3 day run of a contemporary dance/juggling show at the prestigious central London theatre Sadler's Wells. Directed by the great Sean Gandini, choreographed by Alexander Whitley and music composed by Gabriel Prokofiev.  The music is composed for 2 drummers.  My good friend Joe Snelgrove had the other drum chair whilst we played with a string quintet inbetween on stage. "An experience I shall never forget."


Joel spent almost 2 years touring and recording for CC Smugglers full time. Joel had done 4 UK Tours, recorded 2 singles, recorded an album and 1 European tour.  Joel is no longer with this band but is first call dep should they ever need one.

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